Are e-cigarettes safe for diabetics?

It's a widely known fact that smoking tobacco cigarettes have a damaging impact on your health and can create complications for various diseases you might be suffering from initially. However, our focus is upon the effects of e-cigarettes on diabetics. Several experts condemn the habit of smoking especially if you are suffering from diabetes or have been diagnosed with it. Their immediate call to action is to quit smoking instantly once you know you have contracted diabetes. It is depicted that if you have diabetes and you smoke, then you are creating a double jeopardy for yourself because diabetes itself is a huge strain on your body, circulatory system and your heart. Adding the well-publicised effects of smoking onto your heart, lungs and circulatory system is simply doubling the strain.

Of course, years of habitual smoking is an extremely difficult habit to break, with the rituals involved in smoking a cigarettes sometimes being just as hard to break as the nicotine addiction. This is where substitutes such as the e-cigarette provide a massive benefit.

Why is Smoking Cigarettes Bad for People with Diabetes?

Generally speaking, smoking is bad for everyone whether they have been diagnosed with or without diabetes. It is estimated that about 1 billion people worldwide smoke of which 5 million people die each year from tobacco related sickness. That's about one person dying every six seconds. 60% of smokers say that they are heavily dependable on smoking and would find it hard to last a whole day with smoking.

It is estimated that about 3.3 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes this is equivalent to 6.2% of the population. Smoking has an aggravating impact on diabetics in such a way that people with diabetes already are under increased risk of heart disease and smoking can further elevate it.

E-cigarettes are Suitable for Diabetics

Successfully switching from smoking to vaping will therefore provide even more noticeable health benefits for diabetics than the average smoker. Even if you only reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day rather than cutting smoking completely the health benefits will still be noticeable.

You also don’t need to fear the sugars present in e-liquid flavourings as they are in very low concentrations. E-cigarettes also only cause a slight increase in diastolic blood pressure when compared with cigarettes due to the fact that nicotine is absorbed at a much slower rate.