Can Using e-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

There are a number of potential methods of quitting smoking traditionally, e-cigarettes are the latest entrant into the category of products which can help you quit but have quickly taken hold of the public’s imagination. However, as they are such a new piece of technology there is still a lot of debate on how effective they actually are.

It is estimated that around than 1 in 5 UK adults currently smoke cigarettes, which represents about 9.4 million UK adult cigarette smokers. Smoking has resulted in more than 5 million deaths per year worldwide and this can be prevented. Therefore, it is of no surprise that when a new product comes onto market which could help these people quit it gains a lot of publicity.

The purpose of innovative and new products is to use cutting-edge, modern technology to help solve an existing problem. The e-cig promises to do this, and there are clear indications for it being effective as several studies have shown their ability to help people quit smoking, on top of a wide variety of anecdotal evidence from vapers. The success of a new product lies under its ability to enlighten people and showcase how it can effectively alter their lives in a good way or benefit them subsequently. The e-cig does exactly that, attracting more and more people towards it especially those who have struggled to quit using more traditional methods.

The purpose of this product is to help people quit smoking and stop the epidemic number of deaths every year. But is this really possible? We look into whether e-cigarettes have been able to help people. It is very difficult to find a product that doesn't harbour both friends and foes, similarly in the case of e-cigarettes, its proponents believe that it's a great alternative for smoking tobacco cigarettes both for the wallet and for their health.

The Underlying Evidence

E-Cigarettes are quite a controversial product, with several health agencies questioning their effectiveness and health benefits. However, a number of studies have shown e-cigs to be a much healthier alternative, stating they are 95% healthier for you than smoking. A wide range of people have also provided their stories on how e-cigarettes have improved their health immediately after switching owing to the fact that they use vapour rather than smoke to deliver the nicotine to the body. At the end of the day, the tar contained in the smoke inhaled by cigarettes is the number one cause of cancer. Because e-cigarettes don't use tobacco and heat up a liquid-nicotine solution which transforms into vapour, users aren't exposed to the same toxic chemicals.

It has been reported that people experience less episodes of coughing and easier breathing after using e-cigarettes as opposed to regular cigarettes. They also enjoy the absence of stained teeth and smoky odours. Improving technology has allowed companies to replicate the sensations of smoking extremely accurately in recent times, allowing e-cigarettes to offer the same sensations and actions as cigarettes. There are other flavours that smokers enjoy which include everything from sweets to cocktails and fruits. There is also a wide variety of tobacco flavours for people who wish to keep vaping as close as possible to smoking.

You can also select from the amount of nicotine you want in the e-liquids you buy. This allows you to control your nicotine intake and reduce the amount of nicotine you use as you desire. Doing this allows you to gradually reduce your nicotine dependence as you reduce you intake to zero nicotine content. The trick of quitting smoking through e-cigs is do things slowly and steadily. Spend sufficient time using various strengths of nicotine before moving on to the next one.