So, you’ve decided that this year is the year you’re going to make the choice to live a healthier life and save some money by turning to e-cigarettes. Congratulations! In the process of doing your due diligence as you hunt for the perfect products to suit you you’ve probably come across quite a few terms that you’ve never heard before and spent more time than you’d like figuring out definitions. It’s a process every beginner goes through, all of the staff of TRUVAPE have painful memories of going through the exact same process. That’s why we’ve decided to make your lives a little easier and put together this list of the most commonly-used terms you’re likely to be seeing on this journey into the world of vaping. We can’t cover everything (that would take about a thousand blog posts) but sat down together and worked out all of the things we think you’re most likely to see.


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A regular tobacco cigarette.


The part of the electronic cigarette that heats up to vaporise the e-liquid.

Automatic e-cig

An electronic cigarette which activates through suction on the mouthpiece rather than by the manual activation of a button.


Brick and Mortar. A physical store you can buy vaping products from. Not the discount shop.


An atomiser built into the cartridge, marketed as disposable.


A clear walled cartomiser in which the juice level can be seen.


A method of vaping where you drip your liquid directly onto the atomiser rather than putting a larger amount of liquid into a tank. This is usually done by more experienced vapers who are looking for the most intense flavour possible.

Drip Tip

A mouthpiece which contains an opening allowing you to drip your e-liquid directly onto the atomiser/cartomiser.


Abbreviation for electronic cigarette.


The liquid used in electronic cigarettes that contains propylene glycol and/or glycerine, flavourings, and nicotine.

Manual e-cig

An electronic cigarette which activates through the user pressing a small button (like most modern e-cigs).

mg strength

Milligram strength per millilitre (ml) - relates to the percentage of nicotine contained within the e-liquid. For example, 18mg is 18mg of nicotine per ml which is approximately 1.8% nicotine.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch, gum, etc.)


Leaving your e-liquid to sit for a period of time in an attempt to improve the flavour. Steeping is usually performed by leaving a sealed bottle of e-liquid sit for anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

Throat Hit 

The tingling sensation felt in the back of the throat when inhaling.

Vape, vaping

The use of an electronic cigarette - similar to the term "smoking" when referring to an analogue cigarette.


An atomiser's heating element is wrapped around a wick which will continually supply e-liquid to the coil. In mass-produced atomisers/cartomisers, this is normally glass-fibre.


If we’ve missed anything out, you have a something in mind you’d like us to write about or you’ve got any feedback for us then leave us a comment below. We promise to get back to you and take all suggestions and feedback into account.


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