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There are a lot of scare stories going around today about e-cigarette health effects, with a lot of the mainstream media jumping on the “it looks like smoking so it must be bad” bandwagon. The first thing to point out here is that there is absolutely no evidence that e-cigarettes are anywhere near as harmful to your health as smoking. Zero. Zilch. Other words that signify none.

Unfortunately a large number of people are reading these articles. People who may have been thinking about switching to e-cigarettes but are now continuing to smoke. Everyone knows just how dangerous cigarettes are, and these articles encouraging people to ignore a healthier alternative is a massive danger to public health.

So let’s get down to the business of refuting these claims, we hope you’ll be able to use this article to help to educate your friends who may have been misinformed by the mainstream media.

Firstly: e-cigarettes are far safer than smoking. Burning tobacco when smoking a cigarette potentially releases thousands of chemicals and hundreds of deadly carcinogens. E-cigarettes contain four ingredients, three if you’re down to nicotine-free liquid, with the main ingredients also used in Nicorette Inhalators.

It has been shown in a number of independent studies on e-cigarette health effects that they are around 95% better for you than traditional cigarettes. One even stated that if everyone switched from smoking to e-cigarettes tomorrow we could be saving over 50,000 lives every year.

“…if everyone switched from smoking to e-cigarettes tomorrow we could be saving over 50,000 lives every year”

Nicotine is the only ingredient e-cigarettes have in common with traditional cigarettes, which is only natural as it’s the addictive qualities of nicotine which play a major role in keeping people hooked on tobacco. People often point to this as a reason for e-cigarettes being potentially harmful, as they erroneously conflate nicotine and tobacco.

However, and we can’t stress this enough here, nicotine isn’t actually that dangerous. We’re talking about a substance which is naturally occurring in things we all consume on a regular basis such as tomatoes, aubergines and potatoes. It’s the same nicotine used in the medically licensed smoking cessation products which have been available for decades.

It is absolutely vital that everyone understands the difference between nicotine and tobacco and treats e-cigarettes accordingly. As long as you keep your e-liquid out of the reach of children and animals and don’t drink it everything will be fine.

With the recent ban on smoking in cars which have children in, the discussion on passive smoking has once again been put front and centre of the nation’s consciousness. Unfortunately this has naturally lead to a debate on passive vaping, with anti-vaping groups starting a lot of discussion on how passively inhaling the vapour released from e-cigarettes could be harmful.

Once again, however, there is absolutely no evidence to prove this is the case. Of course everyone is affected differently and the vapour may slightly irritate a person’s throat occasionally, but there is no evidence to show that the vapour released from e-cigarettes is at all harmful to your health. Indeed, there has been one study stating that it may actually be beneficial.

Now it’s time to talk about the big one. The one point which every debate on e-cigarette health effects seems to begin and end on. The one point which has been put forward more than any other as a reason to not trust e-cigarettes. We are of course talking about: the long term effects.

As a new technology designed to be a healthier alternative to a damaging habit there is always going to be a lot of debate on the long-term health effects. This is completely right in our opinion, and we would welcome more long-term 5-7 year studies of the type used to evaluate the safety of drugs being performed on e-cigarettes. The more we know, the better decisions we are able to make.

One thing we do have are long-term trials performed on each of the ingredients which make up e-liquid. Each of these products have been in common use for decades, and each of them has been verified as not being harmful around the world. If e-liquid ingredients were harmful to your health over the long-term then surely they wouldn’t be allowed to use them in Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

“…surely reducing harm and saving lives is the goal we’re all striving towards”

Even if e-cigarettes did prove damaging over the long-term they will still be orders of magnitude better than smoking. And surely reducing harm and saving lives is the goal we’re all striving towards in this industry.

If you have any thoughts on this blog let us know in the comments below, we’re always keen to get feedback and opinions from readers.

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