E-Cigarette Safety 

So, you’ve finally decided you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and start using e-cigarettes? Congratulations! There are a number of things you’ll no doubt be researching now you’ve made this choice as you look to figure out the best device for your needs, what e-liquids you fancy trying, and just what on earth all of these crazy terms you’re reading in descriptions actually mean (we can help with that). 

One of the most important things you’ll need to be aware of, however, is ensuring that you are aware of all of the safety issues as you start using your shiny new e-cigarette. Safety precautions are one of the most common things we’re asked about here at TRUVAPE Towers, so with that in mind we’ve put together this handy blog for you to peruse. Aren’t we just lovely? 

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Battery Safety

E-cigarette battery safety has become quite the popular talking point in recent times, we’re sure everyone has read articles about someone’s battery blowing up at some point. Happily, you’re the sensible type who reads articles such as this, so you’ll know what to do to ensure it never happens to you. So, first things first: 


Even caps lock and bolding doesn’t overstate how important this is. We know it’s tempting to save a few quid by buying a charger from a market stall, especially in these tricky times, but trust us when we say they’re likely to cost more than that extra few quid in the long run. Different e-cigarettes use different batteries, so the charger you’re buying may not be suited for use with the particular power of battery your e-cigarette uses.

A large number of these chargers are also produced extremely cheaply and don’t meet required safety regulations. This makes them, at best, a massive fire hazard. In every story you’ll see about chargers going wrong it is going to be a cheap third party effort. So do yourself a favour and buy a real one from the vendor you bought your e-cigarette from.

TRUVAPE e-cigarette chargers are available here for the very reasonable price of £6. 

  • Don’t leave your battery charging overnight.

Oh the temptation. The temptation to put your e-cigarette on charge just before you go to bed, knowing you’ll wake up in the morning with it fully charged and ready to see you through the day. It’s an act even I have been guilty of in the past when I first started vaping.

However, if you want the battery to perform to the highest level for longest period of time we’d seriously recommend not doing this as it will drain the overall battery life, thus rendering it a lot less effective in much faster time than usual. Although this generally isn’t a problem with TRUVAPE, some e-cigarette batteries can also overheat if you leave them on charge for too long. 

  • Lock your battery when your e-cigarette is not being used.

It’s incredibly quick and simple to lock the battery on your TRU HYBRID e-cigarette, all you have to do is press the activation button quickly five times, and it can then be unlocked in the same way. Getting into the habit of locking your battery is vital for safe use of your e-cigarette, as it will often just be put into your pockets or bag when you’re walking around.

Not locking it could cause the battery to be activated without your awareness in these situations, which would not only burn up all of your e-liquid and burn out your coils, costing you extra money, but also cause it to heat up to levels which could burn you when you pick it up. 

E-Liquid Safety

Thanks to our recent e-liquid ingredients blog you are now aware of every single ingredient that goes into the e-liquid you’re vaping. Although the ingredients are all completely safe to inhale you should always be sure to: 

  • Store your e-liquid out of the reach of children and animals

As discussed in our e-cigarette myths blog, nicotine is safe to inhale, with the danger from traditional cigarettes coming from the tar and other chemicals. However, directly ingesting liquid nicotine is extremely dangerous as it is toxic in this form. Even the smallest amount could result in serious health issues or potentially death, this makes it imperative that you treat it the same as any other product such as bleach when it comes to storage. You should also take the time to educate any children in your household on the dangers of drinking e-liquid. 

E-Cigarette Disposal

Wait! Why would I ever need to dispose of my beloved e-cigarette? I hear you cry. Sadly though, parts break, coils burn out, and things generally will need to be replaced occasionally. It’s one of those unfortunate facts of life. Thanks to this, you will be able to dispose of everything in the correct and safest manner though, so that’s a nice benefit. 

  • Battery disposal

All e-cigarette batteries fall under traditional battery disposal guidelines and should be disposed of in the same way. This being: taking them to a dedicated battery recycling point. There are plenty of these around now and can most commonly be found at your local supermarket. If you’re unsure where your nearest location is a quick check online should unearth the relevant information. 

  • Tank and coil disposal

Before disposing of your tank and coil you should take a few seconds to rinse them with water and wrap them in foil or tissue. Doing this will help to put animal off licking or trying to eat the parts and being poisoned by any residual nicotine left on the parts. Once doing this you can throw them into the bin as normal. 

Thanks for reading this blog on e-cigarette safety, we hope you’ve gained some useful tips you can put into practice. If you have any questions about safety you can leave a comment below, we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. You can also comment to let us know if you think we’ve missed anything you think might be important or if there are any specific things you’d like us to write about.


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