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I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to being at a gig, I get that familiar feeling of craving a cigarette, but does that outweigh my need to miss 2/3 songs of my favourite band to stand in the cold and smoke?

With TRUVAPE electronic cigarettes you can stay inside the venue, not miss the gig and fulfil those cravings. HOORAY!!

Many music venues, including O2 academies, are permitting the use of electronic cigarettes within their premises, and some have even gone so far as to start selling them. A step in the right direction we say.

Yet, like with all public areas so far, this is all subject to management’s discretion. If a venue does not sell electronic cigarette then they may not be comfortable with vaping within the venue, so check before you vape.

It will also depend on fellow gig attendees. If anyone is to complain about vaping inside the premises then you are more than likely going to be asked to stop or head towards a vape friendlier environment. AKA: outside! 

Vape Etiquette

Do ask permission and double check if you are allowed to vape. If you are allowed then be sure to be polite and keep our reputation high.

Don’t get angry if you are told to stop or that you cannot vape. If you are told ‘no’ then respect the wishes of the venue and head towards a more vape-friendly area.

Do only vape a small amount of vapour. Large clouds can be distracting, like a 7 foot tall person front row blocking the view of that hot bass guitarist.

Don’t blow large clouds of vapour, it is distracting and obnoxious. It will also give us vapers a bad name and with the uninformed negative press out there, we don’t need it.

Do educate people if anybody asks about vaping, chances are after a drink or two people are going to be curious.

Don’t blow vapour into anyone’s faces or at groups of people, this is just wrong and they may not know the vapour is harmless to others.

Do check somebody’s age if they ask to try your electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are only allowed to be used and sold to people of the age of 18. Some gigs allow people in at 16 and above without parents and some younger. Be careful and always ask.

Don’t be pretentious around tobacco smokers- educate them, don’t try and be better than them, eventually they will see the benefit of vaping. 

Next up we’ll be talking about Movie Theatres and Performance Venues. 

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