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The workplace is a tricky one. There is no law against it but the WHO (World Health Organisation) does recommend businesses ban the use of electronic cigarettes in the workplace, whereas elsewhere health organisations support the use of e-cigarettes.

The lack of set regulations around this leaves it all up to your office manager’s discretion, so we’d recommend that the best way to sort this conundrum out is to simply ask your manager if it’s okay.

However, with around 100 hours each year spent outside in the cold smoking whilst at work, I think many companies will agree that allowing the use of e-cigarettes makes for a more productive workforce and will be happy for you to vape at work. There are, in fact, only really a handful of businesses that will be a big NO on the vaping at work rule.

Yet, certain Councils have banned the use of e-cigarettes in any workplace. Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle and Cheshire East this means you. So unfortunately you’ll have to vape outside…or move? We hear Wigan is nice!


Vaping Etiquette

Do check with other members of staff if they are ok with you vaping at work. Even if management are ok with it, other staff members may not be educated on the benefits of e-cigarettes or feel it may put them off their work. Be polite and just check.

Don’t argue with other employees if they ask you to stop vaping, not everybody knows about the benefits of it. Take the opportunity to educate others on vaping, even share your personal journey of becoming a TRUvaper. If they still don’t agree with the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace, then vape outside or in an area of the building that is more vape-friendly.

Do vape moderate amounts if you are permitted to vape in the workplace. It can be off-putting to non-vapers in large amounts.

Don’t vape large clouds in the office, it is unfair to other workers and could be distracting, especially in smaller spaces. You don’t want to be seen as the office trouble maker, so be polite and take it outside if anyone does complain.

Do take the opportunity to educate anybody that asks about e-cigarettes and vaping. You will probably find a lot of smokers in the office are curious but just need the knowledge to give them that extra push to stop smoking and start vaping. Tell them of your journey, and be completely honest.

Don’t be pretentious around tobacco smokers- educate them, don’t try and be better than them, eventually they will see the benefit of vaping.


So that’s what you need to know about the workplace rules on vaping. The key is to always double check - even if you’ve heard its allowed just check. The next blog in this series will be released next Friday, where we’ll be discussing the tricky aspect of vaping in music venues.

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