What are e-cigarettes?

Confused about e-cigarettes? Join the crowd. They’re everywhere but many people still don’t understand what they are.

To put it in simple terms: E-cigarettes are battery operated or rechargeable devices that emit vaporised nicotine, allowing you to get your ‘fix’ and avoid the ‘nasty’ part of smoking that can be harmful to your health.


The Health Benefits
Who doesn’t want to lead a healthier life? Many people eat healthily and exercise but that is all cancelled out by their smoking habit.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not nicotine that’s the problem with traditional cigarettes, it’s the effect created when the tobacco burns.

The burning tobacco creates thousands of chemicals and dozens of carcinogens & tar…that all goes into your system.
Our TRUVAPE e-cigarettes allow you to access nicotine but in a healthier way. TRUVAPE e-cigarettes contain no tar, no toxins, and no ash, plus they don’t produce any harmful smoke to surrounding people.

We also use only the finest natural extract flavourings without any bad chemicals. What’s not to love?


E-cigarettes are in the press a lot these days, so much so that it’s hard to know whether to believe people’s opinions or the evidence?

Professor Carl Phillips from the School of Public Health at University of Alberta, has argued that the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes are almost identical to those of completely quitting.

The cabinet office ‘nudge unit’ say that thousands of lives could be saved per year, and as well as the health benefits, an estimated £100m can be saved by the implement of the next parliament.

Which brings us onto our next point…


The Financial Benefits
With TRUVAPE you can save up to 80% more than if you were still on those traditional tobacco cigarettes. Have you taken our savings calculator yet?

Electronic cigarette savings calculator. See how much you can save with electronic cigarettes.









Try for yourself, visit our home page and scroll to the bottom and see how much a month you could save for yourself. We warn you though, you will be shocked.


TRUVAPE offers high quality, easy to use, affordable and long lasting products.

There are 20 different flavours, and all our products are safety tested, batch tested and then independently tested in the UK.

You’ve no reason not to switch to TRUVAPE now. The benefits of TRUVAPE outweigh the cons of traditional cigarettes.
“TRUVAPE is the greatest value for new vapers”

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