Is vaping cheaper than smoking?  

Saving Money

With the latest expert independent review in August 2015 showing that e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco, the evidence is pretty conclusive that vaping is better for you than smoking. Added to this is the suggestion from Public Health England that e-cigarettes could be put on prescription. With more than 2.5 million people using e-cigarettes across Great Britain, split about 60:40 between smokers and ex-smokers, they continue to increase in popularity. But, are the battery-operated devices cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes? 

Comparing the cost 

Thanks to the increase in prices for a pack of cigarettes, vaping is now much cheaper than smoking traditionally. In 1990, a pack of 20 cost just £1.65 but this rose by more than a pound before 1995, was £3.88 in 2000, £6.13 in 2010 and is now around £8-£9 in shops. This means that a keen habit can set you back as much a £250 a month (£3,000 a year) – even 20 a week is about £60 a month, and more than £700 a year. 

Many people say that moving to electronic offerings cost them around £30 a month but this is dependant on the amount you smoke each month. Our very own TRU Hybrid, for example is our biggest selling product and most popular starter kit. This comes with a USB charger for just £20 and will last medium to long-term. 

With one bottle of e-liquid costing just £4 a 15-a-day smoker could be looking at a cost of just £16 a month. All you’ll need to do is decide which flavours you want to add; tobacco is still the most popular but fruit and menthol flavours continue to grow in popularity. 

If you opt for the standard e-cigarette setup then you will need to have the three components of: a battery, heating element and a tank or cartridge. The tank, which is usually refillable, is the key element because this is where the e-liquid goes and you can choose from a whole host of flavours these days. 

Added benefits 

As well as being cheaper for you, estimates suggest that if everyone who smoked moved to e-cigarettes, the number of deaths solely from smoking would drop from 80,000 to just 4,000, which is just 5% of the current figure. This would help both our National Health Service and the personal wellbeing of smokers. 

On top of this, the use of e-cigarettes is known to have already lowered the amount of smokers across the UK and it is also removes the risk of staining fingernails, fingers and is better for your oral health. Many of these things are common complaints among current smokers. There is also the fact that your clothes and home no longer smell, and this saves money as well as helping to keep things clean.