TRUVAPE have taken ‘vaping’ to the next innovative platform with a sophisticated product range of e-cigarettes and liquids. The brand launched their online product range in October 2013 and opened their first vaping studio and store in Greater Manchester in the same year.

Only the best quality liquids are showcased in their product portfolio, which are fully tested and offer a less harmful alternative to tobacco. Medical grade nicotine is used in all liquids as well as pharmaceutical grade PG & VG and 100% natural ingredients. There are twenty-eight flavours to choose from within their range from grape, cherry, double mint, watermelon, coffee and smooth tobacco – just to name a few.

Smokers are reinventing themselves by switching to vaping as part of their new lifestyle choice. They can determine their nicotine intake and all liquids are tar-free. TRUVAPE scents are fresh and satisfying, and will fulfil your cravings in a safer environment.

With over 1,500,000 smokers in the UK switching to vaping last year, it has created a trend with forward-thinking health-conscious individuals, who want to kick their habit with a sophisticated, clever and sensible attitude. TRUVAPE vaping pens are slick, stylish, effortless and contemporary, giving the brand a refined look and feel.

TRUVAPE Managing Director, Lee Bryan, says

"We are seeing more tobacco users visiting our store asking for information on making the switch to electronic cigarettes. It’s great to see people who have been smoking for 30-40 years, wanting to make a positive change to less harmful products. The advantage that TRUVAPE has is the fact that our liquids are made to strict manufacturing standards with the finest ingredients and natural flavours. All our sales agents work on the ethos of consultative sales, so we help the client choose the right product to suit their previous smoking style.”
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42A Market Street
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