Swaptober – We’ve Got 28 Reasons


It’s hard to believe its October again already! It seems we’d barely closed the door on the last trick-or-treater before the pumpkins were back in the stores and the autumn leaves had started falling. A whole ten months away from your New Year’s Resolution already, and it’s unlikely you’ve given it a second thought since January. But if you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking again, October gives you the perfect opportunity.

The tenth month of the year also goes by another name – Stoptober. The NHS smoke-free campaign runs for 28 days, in which participants pledge to quit smoking for four weeks in October. The campaign states that if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you’re five times more likely to quit for good. But quitting smoking is hard. Stresses, long days and nicotine cravings make the temptation to smoke that much stronger. Which is why TRUVAPE is running Swaptober – the vaping alternative to smoking!

Be your own success story

Studies have shown that you’re 95% more likely to succeed in quitting smoking if you switch to vaping. We all know the harmful side-effects of smoking, and the potential damage we could be causing. So take on the Swaptober challenge today and swap your regular cigarettes for a TRUVAPE e-cigarette.

The many benefits of vaping

Vapour from e-cigarettes typically includes only four safe ingredients – water, flavourings, glycerine and nicotine. Cigarette smoke has been found to contain over 4000 harmful chemicals, including arsenic, chloroform and carbon monoxide. With an e-cigarette, you’re still satisfying your nicotine craving without the dangerous toxic fumes.

Not only is vaping the healthier alternative to smoking, but it’s easier on the pocket too! If you typically smoke 20 cigarettes per day, in one month you could save £240 by swapping to vaping! In a year, that adds up to a total saving of £2774!

Vaping is perfectly acceptable inside many establishments. Whether that’s at work, at the pub, at home or even on the bus, vaping isn’t frowned upon like smoking, so you can satisfy your caving almost anywhere. An added bonus as the nights draw in and the cold starts to settle.

Without cigarettes, you’ll find that your sense of smell and taste begins to improve – the perfect excuse to try out one of our exciting vape flavour varieties! Whether you’re feeling fruity, have a sweet tooth, or want something traditional to really hit the spot, you can choose from flavours like watermelon, cherry, chocolate or tobacco.

Your skin, hair, nails and lungs will all feel healthier, look fresher and smell great after 28 days without cigarettes. Those nasty chemicals, toxic fumes, and staining tar residues will be a thing of the past. Pledge to take part in Swaptober today, and discover the benefits for yourself. 

We decided to find 28 reasons to swap smoking for vaping to coincide with every day of Swaptober. Not only was it easy to do, but we even had a few spare left over! We’ll share a new reason every day when you pledge to take part in Swaptober. Can you think of any more reasons to swap today? Let us know in the comments!