The Week in Vaping – Issue Three

Hi everyone! And welcome to our latest instalment of The Week in Vaping, where we round up all of the latest headlines in the world of electronic cigarettes.

The highlight of this week has been a fantastic article by Cancer Research UK, who have spent the time to look in-depth at three recent negative studies and give their take on them. Read on to find out more:

Cancer Research UK

Taking a look at three studies released since Christmas, this piece evaluates the content of the studies to see if there is any merit in the conclusions given. The three studies they look at are: the cell culture study discussed in our previous two issues, a new study which came to the conclusion that vaping doesn’t help your quit smoking and a study on the impact of advertising flavours to kids which has gained a considerable amount of attention over in America.

The article does a fantastic job of explaining the flaws in these studies and why they shouldn’t be taken seriously. It concludes by stating that the evidence so far actually points to an extremely positive role for e-cigarettes in helping to prevent the biggest preventable cause of cancer.

You can read the full article here

Father from Northwitch Suffers Burns After Ecig Explodes

Onto a more negative story now, as we look at this tragic story of a man suffering from terrible burns after his box mod set on fire next to his bed.

This is a terrible thing to go through, and we wish the man a speedy recovery from the incident. It does, however, show how vital it is to ensure you follow safety guidelines when charging your electronic cigarette. Always use the correct charger and never, under any circumstances leave it charging unattended.

Although battery technology has come a long way, the type of battery used in devices such as e-cigarettes, phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices can still be dangerous if left alone. Nothing bad happening 100 times doesn’t mean that nothing will happen the 101st time. The next time you’re tempted to leave a device like this charging unattended ask yourself: “do I want to be the next tragic news story?”

Other News

  • Following the TPD regulations, Germany has made the decision to ban menthol e-cigarettes along with a number of other flavours, massively restricting the choices of vapers in the country.
  • United States congress has passed a bill requiring childproof packaging on e-liquid. This is one bill we can fully support and we’re well aware that all responsible suppliers already do this.
  • The Sabah Fatwa Council has joined the anti-vaping bandwagon by declaring electronic cigarettes fatwa and banning them for local Muslims.

Thanks for reading this, if you’ve got anything to say about the stories or feel like we’ve missed something out leave a comment below.

Enjoy your weekend and vape safely!