The Week in Vaping – Issue 12

Hello and welcome to the latest issue of The Week in Vaping. We’ll be focused this week on events over in America as their push against vaping continues. Doctors are telling lies, more legislation is being put into place, and the worry is more countries will follow suit. Read on to find out what’s been happening.

Doctor lies about vaping

“E-cigarettes will raise your risk for lung cancer but also other cancers, like liver cancer” says Doctor Margaret Cuomo, a clinician who also acts as an advisor for the Huffington Post. What a way to start this.

Her tirade against e-cigarettes came in a video featured on the site, where alongside the aforementioned quote she also said:

“Because of their chemical composition, e-cigarettes are at least as harmful to your health as regular tobacco cigarettes are. These cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do not contain, such as formaldehyde, benzene, propylene glycol and metals such as cadmium nickel and zinc. These are, in many cases, cancer-causing agents.”

Her whole interview is designed to project the maximum amount of doubt and fear possible, completely ignoring all scientific evidence. Because who needs that, right? It’s not like people’s lives are at stake or anything…

There has been no evidence to support her claims that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking, give you lung cancer, or contain many harmful chemicals that cigarettes do not contain. Indeed, current evidence is pointing in the complete opposite direction. Worryingly, she either doesn’t seem to mind that or is completely unaware of it. Both of which should surely be unacceptable in the medical community.

Yale expert Sally Satel is reported as saying “it’s appalling and it’s ignorant”. We couldn’t agree more.

California passes new e-cigarette bill

California recently passed six bills which had the stated aim of attacking adult smoking. These included the traditional raising of taxes, workplace bans, higher age restrictions and so on which have been used to combat smoking for decades now and seem to help with reducing smoking.

They also decided to target vaping by classing it as a tobacco product. Which doesn’t surprise us in the slightest, we’re all aware of their opinion on it.

The bill’s author Mark Leno defended both the bill and his decision to lump vaping in with tobacco products, stating:

 “Big Tobacco's assault on youth and taxpayers was dealt a major setback today when the Legislature came to the rescue of Californians.”

Is it just me or does is sound a bit like he’s painting himself as a bit of a superhero here? Legislation Man – coming to a cinema near you soon.

Of course the fact remains that all of this flies in the face of research, including the recent Cornell study we discussed last week which discovered that raising the age restrictions for vaping resulted in an increase in teen smoking.

It’s extremely disheartening that so many people in positions of power and influence seem to be determined to ignore all scientific research.