The Week in Vaping – Issue 14

Hello and welcome to the latest issue of The Week in Vaping. Our weekly news roundup on all of the latest news in the vaping world. This week we’ve got more tax issues, hospital vaping discussion, and some of the most tenuous research we’ve seen in a while. Read on to find out more.

Hospital boss calls for vaping to be allowed in hospital grounds

Recently, Hull’s public health director Julia Weldon worked with the NHS to get smoking banned on hospital sites in the area. This is one of the latest attempts by public health officials in the region to decrease smoking rates, with 31% of Hull’s population smoking, one of the highest levels in the country.

Chief executive of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Chris Long, has reacted to this by calling for e-cigarettes to be exempt from this ban, stating:

“I think a much more humane, and probably liberal, approach to the use of e-cigarettes in and around hospital would be a significant help to those patients.

"I have a view that many people find e-cigarettes a much more satisfactory substitute than chewing gum or patches. I am not aware of any evidence that they create harm."

Mr Long also said that attempting to get people to stop smoking during stressful hospital admissions “doesn’t work”. Pretty common-sense stuff really, anyone who has ever been a smoker will tell you that smoking helps to calm you down when stressed. And there aren’t many situations more stressful than yourself or a loved one being admitted into hospital.

City public health manager Tim Fielding also described e-cigarettes as a “huge issue” and said that vapers should not be forced into smoking shelters with smokers.

He also commented: “There is strong evidence that the benefits vastly outweigh the harms. E-cigarettes, from what we know at the moment, are an enormous opportunity to vastly improve rates of morbidity."

Some great common-sense and evidence-based thinking from people who really matter there. Let’s hope we see more of it in the future.

Research claims e-cigarettes aren’t effective at helping smokers quit.

This headline has been doing the rounds all week following new research coming from North Carolina University, with the paper’s author Dr Rebecca Williams stating:

“The e-cigarette industry, the media and the vaping community have promoted the notion that e-cigarettes are an effective device for quitting smoking, yet what we’re seeing is that there are very few people searching for information about that. “

We’ll repeat the end of that final line there just in case you missed it: “searching for information about that”. That’s right, this research which shows vaping doesn’t help you quit smoking is based purely on researching what people have been searching for on Google.

Their evidence is based on the fact that fewer and fewer people are searching for things such as ‘vaping health’ and ‘smoking cessation’ and are instead searching for terms such as ‘buy’, ‘shop’, or ‘sale’.

Evidently, more people looking to buy e-cigarettes means they’re rubbish at helping people quit. The prospect of vaping’s boom in popularity meaning people are already aware of the potential for it to help them quit so looking to buy is just too far-fetched.

Anything for a shocking headline, I suppose…

Other News

Vapers in Vermont are desperately fighting to stop a massive 92% tax being introduced on all vaping products. This would see the price of e-liquid double from $20 to $40 a bottle. An absolutely extortionate increase which many believe would decimate the vaping industry in the area and put many people out of work.

The bill won preliminary approval with 83-54 in favour. We can only hope for a repeat of the proposed Welsh vaping ban, which fell apart at the last-minute.

That’s all for this issue of The Week in Vaping. Thanks for taking the time to read it. If you’ve got any thoughts on the stories we’ve discussed or think we’ve missed something big out let us know in the comments.