The Week in Vaping – Issue 16


Hello and welcome to the latest issue of The Week in Vaping. This week has been quite a positive one overall for everyone. We’ve got news on a Labour MP coming out in defence of vaping and an update on proposed FDA regulation in America, so read on to find out more. 

Labour MP defends e-cigarettes

Gloria De Piero is the current Labour MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire. She moved into politics after a period on television and has so far made quite a name for herself, working is shadow culture minister, crime prevention minister, women and equalities minister and currently shadow minister for young people and voter registration. And recently she blasted attempts to ban and marginalise vaping.

She first defended e-cigarettes during Labour’s attempts to ban vaping Wales, sending out this Tweet:

 Vaping tweet

Since then she has expanded on her support for vaping in a newspaper column where she wrote:

“All my life, politicians have been urging people to stop smoking. Now we finally have a breakthrough, some want to stop it,”

She then went on to describe her experience with vaping, stating it was the only way she was able to quit smoking after 30 years and pointed out the cost savings when switching.

Alongside this, she also cited the Public Health England reported which stated that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking and dismissed gateway fears.

It’s great to see more officials standing up for vaping and taking an evidence-based approach over one based on fear. Hopefully she’ll be able to talk more of her colleagues around to this way of thinking.

U.S House committee votes to smooth e-cig regulatory path

The fate of vaping in America is still very much undecided. Almost every week we see new people coming out for and against e-cigarettes and new states imposing restrictions. Part of this uncertainty comes from the fact that they e-cigs are not currently regulated by the FDA.

Regulation is incoming, however, with the most recent FDA proposals suggesting extremely harsh regulatory standards be imposed on all e-cigarette products released since February 16th 2007. These measures would have served to do massive damage to the industry in the states.

Thankfully, a vote on Tuesday approved an amendment which would make it easier for vaping companies to win regulatory clearance from the FDA.

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, treasurer of the Vapor Technology Association came out in favour of the amendment, saying:

“What happened today is a big boost in momentum for the industry. We’re happy to have bipartisan co-sponsors because up until now we have only had Republican buy-in. Now we have Democratic as well”

Public Health experts, however, came out against the ruling, claiming it placed benefitting the industry over public health.

A final ruling is expected to be issued by the FDA soon. We’ll be here to discuss that when it happens.

Other news

  • Washington has passed a bill containing strict new rules on vaping, aimed at protecting children from “the ravages of nicotine addiction”.
  • The vaping industry grew to $3.5 billion during 2015 in the U.S.
  • A health expert wants the New Zealand Ministry of Health to fill the gap in advertising regulations for vaping after a billboard advertising a box mod was put up a few hundred metres away from a school.