The Week in Vaping – Issue 17

Hello and welcome to issue 17 of The Week in Vaping. It’s been quite an exciting week this week, with a massive report from the Royal College of Physicians hitting the headlines on Thursday and doctors over in America coming out swinging for e-cigarettes. So without further ado, let’s get started.

E-cigarettes can save millions of lives, say doctors.

On Thursday morning I woke up and set about my usual routine: shower, cup of tea, bowl of Cheerios (other cereals are available). It all seemed to be a relatively normal day with nothing much happening. Then I checked Twitter and everything went mental.

You see, that morning a 200-page report was released by the Royal College of Physicians. Among other things, this report stated:

  • E-cigarettes can help smokers quit.
  • Fears about vaping have been overblown.
  • E-cigarettes are “much safer” than smoking.
  • The gateway effect is not a problem. 


Bold statements indeed. Professor John Britton, chairman of the college’s tobacco advisory group also expressed his frustration with how vaping has been approached in a number of quarters, saying the review was designed to bring an end to “mixed messages” from health experts sceptical of e-cigarettes.

He also stated “Smokers need as many alternative ways of quitting as possible. All that matters is that they work and I think it’s a shame our profession has been so cautious,”.

The report, which has been backed by numerous medical organisations such as Cancer Research UK and the British Lung Foundation, also said that if the majority of smokers switched it could potentially “save millions of lives”.

Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, commented on the report, saying: “This report should provide reassurance to smokers uncertain about e-cigarettes. Vaping is less harmful than smoking, and if you use e-cigarettes to help you quit, it could save your life.”

The Department of Health also had their say on the review, saying: “The best thing a smoker can do for their health is to quit smoking.

"We know that there are now over a million people who have completely replaced smoking with e-cigarettes and that the evidence indicates that they are significantly less harmful to health than smoking tobacco.

"We want to see a wide range of good quality e-cigarettes on the market including licensed products whose safety, quality and effectiveness are independently assured."

Vaping indoors unlikely to pose risk to non-vapers

On to our next research paper now, which was presented recently at the fourth Workplace and Indoor Aerosols conference in Barcelona.

The paper, carried out by 3 educational institutions looked to discover how vaping indoors would affect air quality. With a lot of people discussing the potential perils of passive vaping, more well-done studies like this are always positive news for vapers as we look to continue expanding our knowledge of vaping.

The results of the study were extremely positive, finding that vaping had no substantial impact on rooms’ air quality. This was the case even when comparing rooms with and without ventilation systems.

Dr Michael Siegel, professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health, summed up the study, saying:

“This is an important study, but it is one of the first to assess the actual exposure to ‘secondhand’ vapor from e-cigarette use in a realistic situation. The important finding is that although exhaled e-cigarette aerosol does contain a high concentration of particulates, the aerosol dissipates within seconds, resulting in aerosol levels dropping to background levels,

““This means that the particulate matter does not accumulate, unlike tobacco smoke, which we know lingers in the air causing the concentration to build up over time. The importance of this is that a non-vaper’s exposure to the aerosol particles appears to be fleeting, lasting only a few seconds per puff of the vaper. This study adds to the evidence that vaping poses minimal risks to exposed bystanders.”

So all positive news going in to the bank holiday!

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