The Week in Vaping – Issue 19

Hello and welcome to the latest issue of The Week in Vaping. This past week or so has been another action-packed on in the vaping world. TPD is drawing ever-closer and now the FDA has got in on the regulatory action over in the U.S. with their own set of new rules. Read on to find out what they’re planning.

FDA decides to regulate vaping

This news actually came out late last week but it took a bit to time to trickle through so we thought we’d save it for this week in order to properly know what is going on. And it’s not good news.

The FDA has made the decision to impose extremely strict regulations on the vaping industry, with the new regulations coming into place on 8th August. After this date, vaping companies have two years to make the case that letting their products stay on the market is “appropriate for the protection of public health”.

Assuming they hit that deadline, businesses will then get one year on the market while the FDA reviews their application. If it hasn’t been finalised after the 12-month period, their products could be taken of the market unless evidence of “substantial progress” can be made.

Each application is expected to cost at least £1,000,000. Yes, you did read that correctly. One million dollars, minimum. If that wasn’t steep enough to begin with, each product variation requires a new application, so potentially one e-liquid flavour in four strengths could cost at least $4 million to get approved. Plus the untold number of man hours involved in sorting out all of the paperwork and administrative side.

They also want information on how every possible combination of device reacts with every possible e-liquid and a comparison of the health effects of these compared to smoking and not smoking.

So basically, goodbye small and medium vaping businesses, hello big tobacco monopoly and people continuing to smoke.

Vaping ban lifted at Nottingham hospitals

In light of new evidence on the safety compared to smoking and harm-reduction potential of vaping hospitals in Nottingham have made the decision to life their vaping ban. Making them the first in England to do so.

Until now e-cigarettes fell under the terms of the smoking ban, which banned their use on hospital grounds. Nottingham University Hospitals Trust has now made the decision to change this, allowing vaping within hospital grounds as long as they aren’t in the building.

Dr Stephen Fowlie, medical director at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust commented on the decision, saying: "We have a duty to help our patients and staff make healthy life choices, and can't ignore the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes as a nicotine replacement therapy. We're now allowing e-cigarettes on our grounds to give our patients, staff and visitors more choice in how they quit smoking."

That’s all for this week’s issue of the week in vaping. Let us know your thoughts on the stories we’ve featured. If you think we’ve missed anything important out give us a heads up.

We’ll see you next week!