The Week in Vaping – Issue 21

Hello and welcome to issue 21 of The Week in Vaping. It’s been a bit of a crazy week this week as the House of Lords declares their opposition to the TPD and vapers continue the fight against it with renewed optimism. We’ve also had the issue of vaping discussed and studied on BBC Horizon, so without further ado, let’s get started.

TPD updates

Despite coming into effect on Friday 20th May the TPD battle keeps on going and, if anything, seems to have become more heated than ever in the past week.

It all started in the House of Lords, where Lord Callanan put forward a motion to cancel the implementation of the TPD in the UK.

Lord Callanan has been a long-term supporter of vaping, regularly expressing his belief that vaping could help to drastically improve the health of the nation. Indeed, he was one of the main voices in a group which stopped efforts to make medicinal regulations for e-cigarettes compulsory, something which would have all but killed the UK vaping industry.

Assuming Lord Callanan isn’t forced wo withdraw this motion there will be a TPD debate and vote in the House of Lords, if the Lords agree to the motion the statutory implement implementing the TPD will fall. These procedures are called fatal motions because the regulations get killed outright and do not move back into the House of Commons.

The Lords are on a strict time limit, however, only having until the 10th June to vote against TPD. If they do not do this the next chance to discuss it will be in 10 years, so if you disagree with the legislation it’s now or never.

Following all of this, vapers who disagree with the TPD have been pushing their local MPs to hold a debate on vaping in the House of Commons. If you’d like to get involved you can find the e-mail address of your local MP here. You can also get involved with the discussion on Twitter, using #LordsVapeVote.

Vaping on BBC Horizon

Dr Michael Mosley is famous for his ground breaking shows on biology and medicine as well as being the man who popularised the famous 5:2 diet.

Now he’s back again and he’s set his sights on vaping, producing an episode of BBC Horizon entitled: ‘E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace’.

Dr Mosley commented that upon the show initially being pitched to him, along with the suggestion that he vaped for it his initial reaction was: “Hell, no”. However, the suggestion did enough to pique his interest, as he stated to The Times:

“Then I thought about it a bit. I was worried that if I took it up I might get addicted (I’d never smoked), but I was also curious. What would it be like? What effect would it have on me? There has been a huge surge in the use of e-cigarettes over the past couple of years, yet very few studies on the effects of vaping on non-smokers. Time, I decided, to do one, with me as the subject.”

The show followed 26 hardcore smokers split into four groups. With some continuing to smoke, some attempting to quit cold turkey, some attempting traditional NRT, and the final group using vaping to attempt to quit.

Alongside this, it also went in-depth on the study of the harms of vaping, with Dr Mosley using himself as the guinea pig by studying the effect of smoke and vapour on his lungs, despite having never touched a cigarette in his life before this programme.

Throughout the episode we can see the opinion of Dr Mosley shift on vaping. He started out sceptical and with no real knowledge of vaping, and ended with the firm belief that all smokers should give vaping a go, saying: “This could transform the world’s health.”

The episode is available for viewing on BBC iPlayer for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

It’s been a big and quite dramatic one this week so we’ll leave it there for this time. If you’ve got any thoughts on any of the stories we’ve discussed leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!