The Week in Vaping – Issue Seven

Hello and welcome to The Week in Vaping Issue Seven, our weekly roundup of the biggest news in the world of vaping through the last week. This week has been unexpectedly busy, with more studies released and more regulations than you can shake a stick at coming in over in the States. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Electronic Cigarettes Benefit Surgery Patients

Our first big story this week comes courtesy of The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo clinic has been ranked as the best hospital in the United States and is world-renowned for their pioneering treatment, so when these guys and girls talk medicine, people listen.

As we’re sure you’re all aware, cigarette smoking is a well-known risk factor for postoperative complications. Cutting down or quitting smoking around the time of surgery reduces the risks of these complications occurring. Knowing how difficult that is to accomplish, The Mayo Clinic have performed some pioneering research into the feasibility of patients using e-cigarettes to help them achieve this goal.

To accomplish this, smokers facing elective surgery were offered the opportunity to switch to vaping for the two weeks before and two weeks after their operations. Advice was given on how to vape and all of the necessary equipment was provided, with patients advised to vape when they fancied a cigarette.

The team recorded how often they vaped then performed follow-up studies to see how their behaviour had altered after undergoing surgery. And the final results were fantastic. The number of cigarettes consumed by the patients dropped by half, over half of the patients also continued using their e-cigarettes as a substitute for cigarettes and 17% of them managed to quit completely. An absolutely incredible result.

Alongside this, there was also a reduction of the patients’ risk for surgical complications and healing difficulties. The team concluded: “ENDS use is feasible in adult smokers scheduled for elective surgery and is associated with a reduction in perioperative cigarette consumption. These results support further exploration of ENDS as a means to help surgical patients reduce or eliminate their cigarette consumption around the time of surgery.”

All in all – a massive success and one we hope will help to sway the attitudes of people unsure of vaping.

Utah Vaping Regulations

Sticking to the United States, vapers have been fighting a swath of anti-vaping measures the state of Utah is looking to implement.

The main part of these regulations is the fact that they are looking to implement a tax of 86.5% to put vaping products on par with “other tobacco products”. Now you may note a problem with that phrasing, and don’t worry, you’re not the only one. However, they do have a fantastic rebuttal for this (we’re using fantastic in the loosest sense of the word here). Their justification for this tax is: “it has nicotine in it, so it’s a tobacco product”. We’re hoping nobody mentions the fact that potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and a variety of other vegetables contain nicotine in varying amounts or we could see the end of healthy eating in Utah.

Yet another example of backwards logic and desperate attempts to get extra cash from a product which could save lives. It really does sadden us.

Other News:

  • A new ONS study has shown that there are now and estimated 2.2 million vapers in the UK, with 75% of them vaping to either help quit smoking or reduce harm. Fewer than 3% of vapers had not previously been cigarette smokers.
  • A bill in Kentucky aims to increase the minimum age-limit for purchasing cigarettes and e-cigarettes to 21 from the current 18.

That's all for this week, thanks so much for reading. If you've spotted anything we've missed or have any thoughts on the stories leave a comment. We always enjoy hearing from you