The Week in Vaping

Hello and welcome to the latest issue of The Week in Vaping. We’ve got big news from Wales this week, as debate on banning e-cigarettes in public places reached its conclusion. Alongside this, we’ve got news from France and Australia, as well as some positive statistics.

Proposed e-cigarette ban in Wales reaches finale.

We’ll start off this week with the finale of a story that’s been making the rounds for a while now and reached its big conclusion this week: Welsh Labour’s proposed vaping ban. Spoiler alert: it’s not great news.

Starting life as the brainchild of Mark Drakeford, noted e-cigarette opponent and Minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh Government, this legislation initially intended to ban electronic cigarettes from all enclosed public and work places.

Despite opposition from both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats during the final debate this week, during which one Conservative minister stated: “There is more evidence of harm from smoke from a piece of burnt toast than there is of evidence of harm from the use of an e-cigarette.” Labour managed to get support from enough Plaid Cymru AMs to make it look almost certain the bill will be passed when they vote next week.

Naturally, this ban is based around the most beloved theory of e-cigarette opposition: the completely unproven gateway effect.

The only positive we can really take from this is that it has been watered down from the original proposition to only banning e-cigarettes in areas where children may be present. Then again, children could be present almost anywhere so…

Other News

  • A poll of smokers and vapers in Wales has revealed that 65% of vapers have managed to quit smoking using e-cigarettes. Now about that ban…
  • Public Health authorities in France are discussing their own e-cigarette regulations, putting forward the plan to ban vaping from all public places because of, you guessed correctly, the potential gateway effect.
  • Australia’s total ban on nicotine-containing e-cigarettes has been described as “monstrous” in a parliamentary enquiry, which heard that legalising vaping could save lives and taxpayer money.
  • Research has shown that electronic cigarettes are now the most popular quit-smoking method in England, with estimates that they’ve helped an additional 20,000 people a year quit who otherwise would still be smoking.
  • 50% of smokers looking to quit in the North East turned to vaping in the final three months of 2015. A massive 72% of people who have switched to vaping say they have managed to quit smoking for good.

So there we have it! Another big week in the vaping world. If you’ve got any thoughts on the stories we’ve featured leave a comment below. We’ll see you next week for more of The Week in Vaping.