Hi everyone! Welcome to the latest issue of our series The Week in Vaping, where we round up all of the latest news stories surrounding the e-cigarette industry. Once again this week has seen positive stories dismissed in the mainstream media for scare-stories and negative coverage. Fortunately, we’re here to point you in the direction of all the main headlines. Read on to find out what’s been happening.

E-Cigarettes more effective than over the counter quit-smoking products

The latest Smoking Toolkit Study was released this week. The Smoking Toolkit Study (or STS) is a study performed by Smoking England which has been performed consistently since 2011. The study is designed to find out information on the nation’s ever-changing smoking habits by questioning households on a monthly basis throughout the year and adding this data to the information they have been collecting since 2011.

This set of data reveals that although the explosion of growth in vaping we’ve seen in recent years has flattened off, e-cigarettes are still the most popular quit-smoking method. It has also shown that vaping is at least as effective as prescribed nicotine replacement products and more effective the over the counter products.

Alongside this welcome news for vapers, the STS has also flagged some other interesting pieces of information, including the fact that more and more ex-smokers are taking up vaping as a way to keep the temptation to go back to smoking at bay. One piece of extremely unfortunate news is that the number of current smokers who believe vaping is safer than smoking is lower than ever, with the people believing this now being in the minority. This is despite Public Health England announcing e-cigarettes as 95% safer than smoking and support from Cancer Research UK and the NHS, amongst other bodies, showing the damage the constant slew of negative headlines can do.

Randomised control trial shows vaping can significantly reduce tobacco use

Also released this week was a study by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, who performed a two-arm, double blind randomised control trial testing the ability of e-cigarettes to help you quit smoking or reduce your tobacco intake. This study dovetails nicely with the STS findings, and come to a similar conclusion that vaping can help you get off smoking. The subjects were adults aged 21-25 who smoked >10 cigarettes per day, and were split into two groups. The first group were given three weeks of disposable 4.5% nicotine e-cigarettes, with the second group getting three weeks of a placebo e-cigarette containing zero nicotine.

These smokers were not ready to quit, and yet the study found that at the end of the three weeks the participants had reduced the number of cigarettes smoked per day by >50% at the end of week three. If people who aren’t ready to quit can reduce their cigarette intake by >50% in less than a month just imagine how much vaping can help people who do want to quit.

Other news

  • • Some of the more popular stories this week seem to be centred around people attempting to vape in places where it is forbidden and setting off fire alarms, with planes diverted for emergency landings and the Eurostar delayed for five hours after someone tried vaping in the toilet. We can’t stress enough that if somewhere says you’re not permitted to vape then don’t do it. We all managed to wait when we smoked, we can do it now we vape. The last thing anyone needs is for their journey to be delayed because someone didn’t fancy waiting for a vape.
  • • More people have been injured after not vaping safely, something which we hate to see. We know all you lovely people pay attention to safety instructions, so do us a favour and make sure your friends and family do so as well. One person who stops charging overnight is one less fire risk.
  • • Certain researchers in the United States have continued pushing their “think of the children” stories, contrary to all evidence.

That’s all we have for this week. If we’ve missed anything out be sure to let us know in the comments. We hope you enjoyed reading, tune in next time for more vaping news.