We’ve all seen Hollywood A-listers using them, fashionistas matching them with their latest designer handbags, and bloggers raving about how they are a safer and healthier lifestyle choice. Vaping has now started trending on social media platforms, not only because they contain less harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes, but they can fit effortlessly into your lifestyle for long term use. Vaping is a term used when you inhale a water vapour mixed with flavoured liquids through an electronic cigarette device and is now considered to be a more cost effective, healthier and socially acceptable alternative to smoking.


TRUVAPE e-cigarettes launched their online product range in October 2013 and opened their first vaping studio and store in Greater Manchester in the same year. TRUVAPE offer a range of products to suit everyone’s needs and desires. From disposable vaping pens that look like traditional cigarettes to the luxurious looking rechargeable Hybrid which is slick, lightweight and comes in a range of different colours.


E-cigarettes have been a highly debatable subject amongst bloggers, journalists and regulation authorities, but no one can ignore the fact that smokers are reinventing their daily habits by switching to vaping as part of their new lifestyle choice. They can determine their nicotine intake and all liquids are tar-free.


Over the past few years it’s become more and more acceptable for people to use vaping pens in restaurants, bars and offices, which enable people to carry their vaping pens with pride and use them in open or closed places anytime they wish which psychologically can curb cravings.


Managing Director Lee Bryan says,


“The speed the industry is moving at is phenomenal and will continue to develop over the next few years. There are over 300 brands in the current market all vying for the same market share, but at TRUVAPE all our products have full European certification and all liquids are made using medical grade nicotine, USA Pharmaceutical grade PG & VG and natural flavouring. If you can take into account all these elements, we have found the perfect synergy at TRUVAPE and that’s why we are the consumers’ first choice.”