Where Can You Vape?

These day it’s so confusing. Can you vape here, there….everywhere? The press says one thing, venues say another, but we tell you the truth. 

Over the next couple of months we will be bringing you the low down on where you can and can’t vape, along with some vape etiquette to keep you and others happy.


Public Transport and E-cigarettes

Now public transport is a tough one. Some companies allow it on the basis no customers complain, some leave it for the bus or train drivers to decide, and a few are just plain NO (clearly we have some more educating to do).

Here is a quick and simple run through of what public transport is vape friendly and what transport isn’t...

It is tempting at 7:30am on the bus to work - we know! - but check with the bus driver if you are permitted to vape. Most bus networks do allow you to vape, but is subject to other passengers and the driver. If you are asked to stop, you have to stop.
This is shown in all public transport passenger code of conducts and all bus drivers have been briefed on the matter.


Like bus networks, many train services allow vaping, but this is all subject to the passengers and train conductors.
There are however a few companies where vaping it just a simple N…O NO!! These are Virgin, First Pennine, Southern, Northern Rail and Cross Country Trains. Their loss!


Railway and Bus Stations
Railway stations and bus stations all seem to allow the use of e-cigarettes, yet if just one complaint from another passenger is raised, then you will be asked to stop. The same goes for all bus stops.


So far this is one big NO, without any room for negotiation.
Many airlines worry the staff may not be able to differentiate between an e-cigarette and a traditional cigarette, which is fair enough, flight attendants have enough to do. Especially on our 12 hour flight to L.A? We wish!!!!!
Some airlines also worry that vaping may encourage tobacco cigarette smokers to light up.
So we’re sorry TRUvapers, you’ll just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the inflight movies. Rom Com anyone? Cleary airlines just can’t cope with VAPES ON A PLANE (excuse the pun).

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, airlines allow you to carry your e-cigarette in your hand luggage, yet still this is subject to which airline you fly with, so check with your airline before you pack your e-cigarette. You won’t want that confiscated before you go on your jolly hols. Why not get a case for your TRUHYBRID and let your vape travel in style. 

Airports, on the other hand, seem to be able to cope with vapers a lot better.
Heathrow allows its passengers to vape within the airport premises, but not past the gating area. So you can vape right to the gate!!!! But like we’ve said before, check with an airport worker before you use your e-cigarette.

Vape etiquette

Do always ask if people mind if you vape whilst on a form of public transport, and the same goes with anybody’s car you are in.

Don’t just start vaping thinking nobody will mind. The negative and informative press has caused a negative preconception, so be careful and change people opinions by asking or being polite.

Do only vape moderate mists of vape if you have been given permission to vape, it’s only polite.

Don’t blow massive clouds of vape when on public transport. Chances are that there will be families on all forms of public transport that won’t be ok with vaping, let alone great big clouds of it.

Do educate people on vaping and tell them about your personal journey from tobacco smoker to TRUvaper if they ask about electronic cigarettes and vaping. I always find that on public transport people either have their iPod on and ignore you or they can be the chattiest people you’ve ever met.

Don’t be pretentious around tobacco smokers - educate them, don’t try and be better than them. Eventually they will see the light…the LED electronic cigarette light.

So there you go. A simple run down of where you can vape with regards to public transport. Next time we will be bringing you the do’s and don’ts of the workplace.


Happy Vaping TRUvapers


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