Why e-Cigarettes Are Better For You Than Cigarettes?

According to PHE, e-cigarettes have the potential to make a significant contribution to helping people quit smoking. Although e-cigarettes are not currently licensed Nicotine Replacement Therapy, they have captured the imagination of the public in a way no patch, lozenge or gum has ever been able to. This has resulted in e-cigarettes already becoming the most popular tool in people’s efforts to quit smoking. This rise in popularity has resulted in health agencies calling for them to be licensed medicines, arguing that it is the only way to guarantee product quality, safety and efficacy.   

The Benefits of e-Cigarettes over Regular Cigarettes

It is now becoming a commonly accepted fact that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking, particularly after PHE gave e-cigs their backing stating they are “95% healthier than smoking”. People have reported experiencing the following benefits when switching from smoking to vaping:

  1. Lack of distinctive odour

Everybody knows that the smoke from cigarettes has a nasty habit of clinging to your hair, clothes, furniture, car and basically everything else, causing you to constantly smell of stale smoke if you’re a smoker. The smell is due to the fact that you are burning tobacco, in addition to the wide variety of other chemicals whenever you smoke a cigarette. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem when vaping, as you are not burning anything and no smoke is created. You are instead heating up a liquid nicotine solution into a vapour which instantly evaporates, with any smell being nowhere near as pungent and instead smelling of whatever exotic flavour you’re currently vaping (we’re big fans of strawberry).

  1. They are much cheaper

Over the years, traditional cigarettes have become more expensive due to the rising prices of tobacco and the various regulations that accompany it. However, e-cigarettes don't share the same dilemma. The starter kit might be a little higher but when compared to the month-to-month cost of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can save a 20 a day smoker over £200. They are not subject to any kind of taxes and because they depend upon cartomisers and batteries, the cost eventually reduces. As technology advances further onwards, the cost of e-cigarettes is going to further decline.

  1. They are deemed safer

Traditional cigarettes require using open flame to light it and pose serious fire hazards for people. It is estimated that about 10% of all fire-related death constitutes to lighting up a cigarettes. It is also the number of cause of fire-related death in the US and 7 other countries. E-cigarettes don't need to be lit up instead, they operate using a battery. So apart from being safe for your health, it also protects you from fire-related incidents. You should, however, make yourself aware of proper battery safety to ensure your safety when charging, our guide on this can be found here.

  1. They are a healthier alternative

Although no product is completely risk-free and we would never claim that e-cigarettes are 100% healthy, studies have shown that they are around 95% better for you than cigarettes. This is a view which has also been endorsed by Public Health England and a number of other high-profile health bodies following their own unbiased research in e-cigarettes.