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1. Looking for information on the European Tobacco Products Directive, or TPD? Check out this blog for a roundup on what it will cover here

2. Who can buy TRUVAPE E-Cig?

TRUVAPE e-cig is available for users of legal smoking age. It is not intended to be used by children, women who are pregnant or by those sensitive to nicotine.

3. Are electronic cigarette safe?

Nothing contains nicotine are absolutely safe, but electronic cigarette has been proved to be a revolutionary way to serve a healthier lifestyle to smokers.

4. Can electronic cigarette help stop smoking?

Our electronic cigarette is designed as a healthier smoking alternative rather than a smoking cessation device.

5. How do I use my TRUVAPE E-cig?

For a TRUVAPE e-cig, screw cartridge into the battery thread, and take a puff. When the tastes starts to diminish and cartridge produces little vapour, screw off it, add drops of e-liquids and screw cartridge into the battery again to continue your e-smoking experience.

6. Can I use the electronic cigarette anywhere?

One of the favorable benefits of electronic cigarette is that you can use e-cigs freely in public places like restaurants, pubs, and workplace etc., where regular smoking is banned. While there remains some debates on whether to allow it in certain areas, the best way to get over this is to get others to know more about it.

7. Automatic and manual batteries — what’s the difference?

Whether to choose automatic or manual batteries is up to your personal preference. For the automatic one, the steam-like vapor is created as you inhale, which feels just like real smoking experience. While as for the manual battery, you must press the small button on battery to activate the device. (The LED lighting up indicates the device is turned on) with this you have better control over the heating system and thus decide when to take the puff. Stay a few seconds longer on the button may result in stronger vapour and throat hit if you would love to.

8. PG and VG liquids — what’s the difference?

The regular e-liquid contains four main ingredients: 80%PG & 20%VG (ingredient base used to dilute nicotine liquids), nicotine and flavoring concentration. PG (Propylene glycol, colorless, odorless and slightly sweet), proved to be safe widely used as food addictives. PG is much preferred for it offers the sensation similar to tobacco smoke. It may cause dry and sour in throat at first, but it gets to be all right then. If it’s still the case, you can turn to VG. VG (vegetable glycol), also known as glycerol, is slightly thicker and sweeter than PG, It offers less throat hit but produces more vapour.

9. What strength can I get?

TRUVAPE e-liquids come in 4 strengths, ranging from 0mg to a relatively high level. With various strengths you are able to better control your nicotine dosage intake. Here is the guide for you to find your right strength:

High: 18mg (1.8%) nicotine

Medium: 12mg (1.2%) nicotine

Light: 6mg (0.6%) nicotine

Nicotine free: 0mg

10. How long does a cartridge last?

A cartridge lasts several hours to a few days depending on smoker’s inhaling frequency. When it no longer produces vapour, simply replace it with a fresh one.

11. How should I store my cartridge /e-liquid?

You should keep nicotine-containing liquids out of the reach of children. Please place your cartridge and e-liquid in a cool and dark place to ensure the original tastes of e-liquid.