How do you fill a TRU HYBRID tank?

Before you fill the TRU HYBRID tank, we recommend you read our user manual first, in order to best protect your e-cigarette device.

1. Take the HYBRID tank and unscrew the bottom of the tank base. See image below:

2. Fill the tank up to two-thirds full with e-liquid. Do it carefully, so that you don’t allow any e-liquid into the central hole, or it will cause damage.

3. Tighten the coil before screwing back, or it will cause leaking.

4. After you’ve filled the tank two-thirds full and tighten the coil head, screw the tank base back into the larger tank tube.


Please follow these guidelines, and do not take away any items from the coil head, as they are all critical in preventing leakage.

TRUVAPE is always here to help. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.


Phone: 0845 257 0668




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